Andrew D. Beer has over twenty years of experience in the finance business. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Beachhead Capital Management, LLC, a hedge fund advisory firm. Over the past fifteen years, Mr. Beer has been a founding partner of several asset management firms in areas ranging from complex derivatives trading to fundamental commodity investing to cross-border trading in Asia to quantitative methods of tracking actual portfolios.

He began his career in mergers & acquisitions at the James D. Wolfensohn Company, a boutique firm founded by the forthcoming President of the World Bank. Mr. Beer worked in leveraged buyouts at the Thomas H. Lee Company in Boston during his tenure at Harvard Business School. Upon graduating, he joined the Baupost Group, a leading hedge fund firm, as one of six investment professionals.

Mr. Beer is an active member of the Board of Directors of the US Fund for UNICEF, where he serves as Chairman of the Bridge Fund, an innovative financing vehicle designed to accelerate the worldwide delivery of life-saving goods to children in need. With his wife, Mr. Beer is a co-founder of the Pierrepont School, a co-educational K-12 independent school located in Westport, CT.

Mr. Beer received his Master in Business Administration degree as a Baker Scholar from Harvard Business School, and his Bachelor of Arts degree, magna cum laude, from Harvard College. Mr. Beer lives with his wife and two daughters in Fairfield, CT.



  1. You’re fantastic. I always love reading your work and look forward to helping your efforts however I can.

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  2. Charlie Uchill

    Additional headwind for short sellers was change in short selling rules in 2005. Until then, bona fide arbitrage hedged short positions had exception to locate rule. Wrong headed decision by SEC as part of “Reg Sho” ended this exception. This decison had great impact on long volatility traders who hedged their positions with short sales.


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